Bring IoT Development to Next Stage

mockmock is a service that creates virtual devices on cloud and deliver dummy data to a web server. Since mockmock will not require any actual devices for a sever application development, you can achieve smarter IoT development than before.

Support IoT development at various scenes

  • PoC

    Develop PoC faster

    In the development of PoC for IoT system, the most important part is data analysis processing of a server application. To achieve this task, you have to waste so much time to setup actual devices for gathering data. mockmock accelerates PoC development using virtual devices instead of actual devices.

  • Development

    Build your application efficiently

    When developing a server application for IoT, you need to test your app by using various data from different devices. By using mockmock, you can create any data you want and simplify testing workflow processes. Therefore, you can develop a server application efficiently.

  • Operation

    Make your system operation stable

    Test your application using a large number of devices before launching. It is hard for you to prepare many actual devices during the development process, but mockmock will provide all for you, so you can operate stress tests before releasing.

Customize your devices

mockmock is very flexible. You can change a behavior and number of virtual devices instantly.
Also, you can get any amount of data at any time.

All you have to do is setting parameters.

Customize dummy data by setting a data structure, value type and generation method. By making a combination of various properties (e.g changeable value with time, serial number, data generation timeā€¦), you can create any data you want to test.


Select one of String, Value, Object and Array type of each json member, and value generation method. Enter the parameters and generation type.

Change a device state

Data to be sent will be also changed depending on the device state setup . You can simulate different situations such as a device error and change of device environment.


You can duplicate a mock group.

Create a flow of a variable value

Design time-changed data. mockmock provides a visual graph editor for a variable value representation. No complicated programs will be required. Also, you can represent a natural flow of a variable value by setting the fluctuation width.


Change a graph by dragging and dropping freely.

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Develop your IoT application faster

You can smoothly complete all phases (PoC, Development & Operation) with mockmock,
and get extra time for increasing the value of your IoT system.

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  • 0 JPY / Month(tax included)
  • Period of use
    1 year
  • Capacity
    1 device

For the people who wants to try mockmock or just needs one device. This is a trial plan so that you only can use this plan in first year since you registered.


  • 0 JPY / Month(tax included)
  • Period of use
  • Capcity

For the people who wants to use mockmock in long term or regularly. No matter how much you use this service, you just need to pay a fixed amount.

* Capacity: Number of virtual devices you can use at the same time * You can use multiple plans at the same time * Please contact us when you need more than 5,000 virtual devices.

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